About Us


www.aflcode.com is dedicated blog to Amibroker afl files which provides you perfectly working and 100% tested afl files free of cost.

We collect non copyrighted quality files from web, test it and publish for users. You will get most accurate code here along with screen shot 

so that it is easy for anyone to decide which file to choose. We use the dedicated structure to copy the code on our webiste so you need 

not select the code manually just double click on code and it will get selected. This feature is time saving specially when you copy large 

code. We also create  afl files based on the popular strategies which are used world wide and make them available for our users without charging

anything. we also modifiy afl’s/change in code as per users comment on our website www.aflcode.com.

       Along with the afl code, we also provide the screen shots of chart and candlestick pattern which were used by us in the past and 

we earned a lot from that pattern. We provide trend, entry and exit details in our screenshot for easy to remember the setup.

Our users can contact us any time regarding any issue/suggestions/feedback through our contact us page. We also encorage our users to send 

new afl code so that we can publish it on our website and other people can make a good out of it. 

       This website is running by group of software Engineers in Pune, Maharashtra having good knowledge of Amibroker formula language (afl).

All contents on www.aflcode.com are totally free. 

Sandeep Raut

Hasapsar, Pune 411028.

Maharashtra, India